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  • Zola Keller Custom Made Gowns
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  • Light up the night with Zola Keller

Stay Safe. Stay at Home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all facing unprecedented challenges. The Zola Keller team hopes our customers and their families remain safe and healthy as we confront this crisis together.

We look forward to a time soon when this terrible outbreak abates, and life can return to normal. Because we know the future will be much brighter than our present circumstances, we are thinking about how we can help our customers when it becomes time to celebrate weddings and special occasions. We believe now is the time to focus on the day when those singular life moments begin again. 

Future brides, please have a look at the gowns we have available in stock below--we're offering them at tremendous savings. Come back in a few days when we'll also post the Mothers-of gowns that are on sale from our inventory.

If you find a gown you might want to purchase or have questions about it, please call (954) 462-3222.

We will send and insure all purchases through FedEx at no charge with a return sticker included. Try on the gown. If you are not satisfied with it, return it in the same box within 48 hours. FedEx will pick it up at no charge to you.

If you choose to keep the gown, but it needs adjustments, we are also offering a $100 credit towards any alterations that we complete in our Las Olas store. 

Click here to view the SALE gowns.

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